Богатство: 1 серия русская озвучка

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Описание Богатство: 1 серия на русском языке

The only thing that can be called real fortune in the world where everybody’s fortune is pursuing is; A story about love. Ferah Feza was one of the thousands of young people who had to fill the age of 18 every year and have to leave their dorm. But there was an important difference from the others, she was not alone. She had a great family, yet she did not even know it, and she was so rich she could not even imagine. Can Yigit was 29 years old. Just like Ferah, he had lost his parents. He grew up like a child, but under the wings of an important business man around the country, he was able to do whatever he wanted, no matter what his son was like. In this age there was a man and money that no one could easily have, and this great family ruled. Can and Ferah stayed in the middle of a fight made for a huge fortune that can not be shared.

Вы можете без проблем смотреть онлайн Турецкий сериал Богатство: 1 серия на русском языке и в FullHD качестве. Просмотр доступен для мобильных устройств и планшетов на системах iOS, Android и Windows Phone, а так же на телевизорах с поддержкой SmartTV
Дата выхода серии: 2018-04-13

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